Emboditate 2022 RETREAT

Whether you are looking to de-stress, gain clarity, re-set your career path or love relationship, sleep better or transform your life, this is the retreat you have been looking for...


Wed Jun 22nd - Sun Jun 26th


Are you hustling to keep up with the fast pace of our technology dependent modern life? 

Are you tired of stress and burn out robbing you and those you love of the best version of you

Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night unable to sleep, even though you are exhausted? 

EMBODITATE sees and relates to the body as an extension of the mind. 

Did you know that all of our organs each have their own thoughts, feelings and ability to communicate those thoughts and feelings in a language we can understand? 

This sophisticated language of the body articulates through our "Felt Sense." While few of us are fluent in the "Felt Sense" -- it is responsible for the quality of our decisions, communication and actions. The "Felt Sense" is through which we self regulate our nervous system, emotions and thoughts. It informs our self knowing, intuition and our Awareness of the Infinite.

EMBODITATE guides you in understanding the language of the "Felt Sense." We learn how to interpret the many nuances and varieties of sensation, (both conspicuous and subtle) while incorporating breath, movement and sound cues that strengthen vagal tone and upgrade the nervous system -- key to vibrant health and longevity. 

EMBODITATE sets you up to experience deeply meditative states that satisfy an itch and take us beyond our conditioning. The Emboditate practices liberate our vital energy, (that gets locked up by stress and trauma) for more productive use. 

EMBODITATE doesn't require the absence of thinking or regimented ways of breathing and sitting. It meets YOU exactly where you are and works gently and intuitively, with your natural self. It shapes your intellectual, emotional and body intelligence from the inside out to precisely what you want, while simultaneously expanding your sense of deeply felt inner freedom, joy and vitality.

Simple, Fun & Easy to Learn Meditation




The Emboditate 2022 Retreat is an Invitation to Slow Down and Rediscover...


You'll learn how to... 

  • Turn stress into relaxation, productive energy and vitality. 

  • Use a spiritual orientation to life, as your key strategy for grounding in your joy, purpose and prosperity. 

  • Identify and release restrictive patterns, held in the body and emotions, that sabotage your success. 

  • Lean into play and pleasure as a powerful pathway to accomplishing more, while stressing less. 

  • Honor the boundaries of you and others for gaining deeper intimacy and lasting connection with those you love. 

  • Shape Consciousness through movement, breath and language and learn why this is vital to having influence in the world. 

  • Find alignment with your Life Purpose through the deeply stabilizing roots of your body intelligence. 

  • Ignite the neuro-scientifically proven super power of presence in you, unleashing your natural self in productive and surprisingly delightful ways. 

  • Relate successfully with individuals and groups in all your ventures -- regardless of circumstance or personalities. 

  • Raise your performance, realize your dreams and reach your goals -- with ease and grace. 

  • ACCESS being and doing your best on a regular basis -- even under pressure, when you need it most.


Retreat Pricing




with early bird discount.



4 nights / 5 days luxury accommodations


Healthy and delicious farm to table meals
prepared fresh onsite daily 


All Emboditate Method Sessions


Your own customized emboditations 
to take with you


Pre and Post Retreat Support


Emboditate Community Support


Gina's Meditation Hacks


Full use of Estate & Amenities



What You'll Receive...

  • 5 days of inner sanctuary and high level community in the serene, spirit infused energy of Ojai, Ca at a private estate where modern luxury living meets farm house charm. An exquisite property with rolling orchards, a resort style pool, hot tub, hiking trails, a 2500 sq ft state of the art practice space and healing body and energy work.

  • Your own customized Emboditation™ Practice, tailored to fit your specific needs and what you are going for in life.

  • EMPOWERED COMMUNITY that will support and elevate you every step of the way including post retreat.

  • The codes to your brain body for accessing your precise alignment, fullest presence and most powerful relating skills -- the foundation of every successful life.

  • Freedom from limiting beliefs that cause suffering, debt, confusion and anxiety.

  • Freedom from old habits of thought, emotion and ways of being that lead to hustling, strategizing and "angling to get ahead" -- all of which lead to stress and burn out.

  • Easy practices for living more fully in your playful, feminine, intelligent body as an influencer, a leader and powerful difference maker in today's world.

What others are saying...

Gina is an earth angel! With her kindness, intuition and knowledge she has gently guided me in my journey past my mind and limitations and into the innate wisdom and insight held within my body and soul. In the process of illuminating my inner spirit my future path is continuously revealed. I always look forward to my time spent working with Gina and her amazing energy and light.

Ellen Cooper, Health Care Professional  

What drew me to work with Gina is her collaborative approach to meditation- together discovering the pathways to a deeper dive, respecting that each person's experience is unique. Gina's curiosity, coupled with her demonstration of active learning with humility, are the hallmarks of a great teacher - one who is along for the ride and recognizes that the individual is in charge of their path and their healing. There is a great sense of safety derived from this kind of relationship, and therefore, a great opening up to possibilities within and without. 

Janet Ettinger, RN, CD, CLEC, ICCE

Working with Gina has given me a solid foundation so that I could move forward with my dream of launching my life coaching practice. I have learned so many lessons and techniques from Gina which I use in my every day life, and also in my work as a life coach. I am a grateful student of her work, her dedication, her belief in me, and for how much my life has changed for the better from working with Gina. 

Karri Powers, Life Coach

I was blown away by the rapid results I achieved through the EmbodyCom® Approach — a synthesis of various modalities, that I found to be a powerful manifestation tool that has changed my life and what I thought possible for myself. Plus Gina Carlson is super gentle and creates a really safe space while challenging you to go further than you thought you ever could. She's a total bad ass, dressed in sheep's clothing!!-- in a GOOD way!!

Michelle White Hart, Video & Visibility Empowerment Coach  


Gina Carlson 

Founder of EMBODITATE®, Meditation Teacher, Speaker, Master in Spiritual Psychology & Embodiment Expert